The Mouse Castle Lounge Podcast: Disney News and Interviews, Cocktails and Conversations
Disney artists and Imagineers, animators and authors, even Disney Legends have visited with host Tim Callaway in The Mouse Castle Lounge. Join Tim as he delves into Disney movies, music, books, television, theme parks and history. From Mickey Mouse to Mulan, from Disneyland to Walt Disney World, from Pinocchio to Pixar, it's always good times and great conversations...and a few surprises. Welcome to the party. Come on in!
MCL 06-30-2013 - Traveling With Legends and Honoring Annette

You really can't go wrong when your guests are the always interesting Tim O'Day and Paula Sigman Lowery. Tim visits the Lounge to talk about his lengthy career with Disney and the many famous people he's called friends over the years. Plus, Paula will chat about the recent life celebration event at the Walt Disney Studios honoring everyone's favorite Mouseketeer Annette Funicello.

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MCL 06-22-2013 - 'Monsters University' Premiere, 'Oz' on Blu-ray and Howard Ashman Part 3

It's interviews and soundbites galore in this episode of "The Mouse Castle Lounge" as we hear from Billy Crystal and John Lasseter at the "Monsters University" premiere in Hollywood. Also, we go behind the scenes with the cast and crew of "Oz the Great and Powerful," now available on home video. Finally, your host Tim Callaway presents part three of his interview with Sarah Ashman Gillespie, the sister of the late Disney lyricist Howard Ashman.

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MCL 06-08-2013 - Howard Ashman Part Two and 50 Years of Maurice Sendak

In part two of Tim's conversation with Sarah Ashman Gillespie, they discuss Howard Ashman's career at Disney, how he met his musical collaborator Alan Menken, and why it wasn't a good idea to make him mad. Also, Tim pays another visit to the Walt Disney Family Museum and catches up with guest curator Anel Muller to discuss the museum's new special exhibit, "Maurice Sendak: 50 Years, 50 Works, 50 Reasons."

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