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Disney news and interviews, cocktails and conversation. Join host Tim Callaway as he talks with Disney artists, Imagineers, animators, authors and even a few Disney Legends about Disney movies, music, books, television, theme parks and history. From Mickey Mouse to Moana, Disneyland to Walt Disney World, Pinocchio to Pixar, it's always good times and great conversations.
MCL 01-21-2013 - America Sings, Brenda Chapman and 'Escape From Tomorrow'

Video bloggers and independent filmmakers are causing a stir at Disney these days and Tim Callaway talks about it all inside The Mouse Castle Lounge. See why "Escape From Tomorrow" is the most daring film to come out of the Sundance Film Festival and why Disney attorneys are probably pissed off about it. Also, join Tim during the summer of 1974 and the grand opening of America Sings at Disneyland and pay a visit to the blog of animation director and screenwriter Brenda Chapman.

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MCL 01-13-2013 - Oscar Nominations, Frankenweenie and the Disney News Archive

This week in The Mouse Castle Lounge, Tim Callaway takes a look at how Disney and Pixar scored in this year's Oscar nominations. He'll also review "Frankenweenie," now available on home video, and unlock the Disney News Archive from Spring 1996.

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