The Mouse Castle Lounge Podcast: Disney News and Interviews, Cocktails and Conversations
Disney artists and Imagineers, animators and authors, even Disney Legends have visited with host Tim Callaway in The Mouse Castle Lounge. Join Tim as he delves into Disney movies, music, books, television, theme parks and history. From Mickey Mouse to Mulan, from Disneyland to Walt Disney World, from Pinocchio to Pixar, it's always good times and great conversations...and a few surprises. Welcome to the party. Come on in!
MCL 08-14-2013 - Conversations From the D23 Expo

Tens of thousands of crazed Disney fans converged on the D23 Expo in Anaheim last weekend and Mouse Castle Lounge host Tim Callaway was one of them. And oh, the people he talked to: the voice cast of "Phineas & Ferb" and "Gravity Falls," singer/actress Susan Egan, Disney Animation Research Library creative director Lella Smith, video game developers for both "Disney Infinity" and "Fantasia: Music Evolved" and more. It's a random and thoroughly entertaining hour-long romp through the D23 Expo. Cocktails forever!

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MCL 08-08-2013 - Richard Sherman, Alan Menken and the D23 Expo

Tim Callaway previews (kind of) the D23 Expo by interviewing (sort of) Disney songwriting legends Richard Sherman and Alan Menken. Richard and Alan will be performing together at Disney's massive fan event in Anaheim this Saturday at 6:30 p.m.

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