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Disney news and interviews, cocktails and conversation. Join host Tim Callaway as he talks with Disney artists, Imagineers, animators, authors and even a few Disney Legends about Disney movies, music, books, television, theme parks and history. From Mickey Mouse to Moana, Disneyland to Walt Disney World, Pinocchio to Pixar, it's always good times and great conversations.
MCL 12-26-2014 - A Walt's Barn Holiday With Margaret Kerry, Sam Gennawey and Bill Barbe

We're celebrating the holidays at Walt's Barn in Griffith Park, Los Angeles, with Tim's guests Carolwood Foundation president Bill Barbe, author Sam Gennawey and Margaret Kerry, the live-action model for Tinker Bell in Walt Disney's "Peter Pan." The Carolwood Foundation operates Walt's Barn, which originally stood next to Disney's sprawling 1/8 scale train layout in the backyard of his Holmby Hills home in the 1950s. Today, the barn is a museum with numerous train artifacts, many used by Walt himself. Other items are from the collections of train enthusiasts including Disney animators Ward Kimball and Ollie Johnston. Next to the barn, the Carolwood Foundation has restored an original combine car from the Santa Fe & Disneyland Railroad and is working on other restoration projects including original buildings from Disneyland's Storybook Land Canal Boats and a train from the Mine Train Thru Nature's Wonderland.

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MCL 12-18-2014 - 'Universal vs. Disney' Author Sam Gennawey

The theme park rivalry between Disney and Universal Studios has gone from non-existent in the 1960s to the competitive battle over tourist dollars that it is today. Author Sam Gennawey's new book, "Universal vs. Disney: The Unofficial Guide to American Theme Parks' Greatest Rivalry" explores the sometimes supportive, sometimes contentious relationship between the two entertainment giants. Sam is Tim's guest today in "The Mouse Castle Lounge."

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MCL 12-11-2014 - 'A Mickey Mouse Reader' with Garry Apgar

"A Mickey Mouse Reader" is an extensive compilation of articles and essays written about Walt Disney's illustrious rodent from 1928 to the present day. It chronicles the arc of Mickey's legendary career from overnight sensation to Hollywood superstar to theme park greeter to corporate icon. The book's contributors are a who's who of writers and essayists past and present that include E.M. Forster, Maurice Sendak, John Updike, John Canemaker, Irving Wallace, Jim Korkis, Charles Solomon and Walt Disney. Garry Apgar edited the book and discusses it with Tim Callaway in "The Mouse Castle Lounge."

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MCL 12-03-2014 - Disney Imagineer Terri Hardin Jackson, Part Two

Tony Baxter, Herb Ryman and Blaine Gibson were just a few of the Imagineering greats Terri Hardin Jackson knew and worked with during her lengthy career at Disney. In part two of her conversation with Tim Callaway, Terri talks about the "Golden Age of Imagineering" in the 1980s and '90s and her favorite Disney project, the Dragon's Lair at Disneyland Paris. She also offers her advice for aspiring Imagineers.

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MCL 11-26-2014 - Disney Imagineer Terri Hardin Jackson, Part One

Terri Hardin Jackson is a woman of many talents. The former Disney Imagineer is an artist and sculptor, not to mention a puppeteer, an actress and a writer. Her creative output spans from Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and the Dragon's Lair at Disneyland Paris to the films "Ghostbusters," "Men in Black II" and "The Flintstones." In "The Mouse Castle Lounge," Terri talks about her Imagineering career, how she ended up at Disney and how she almost became the voice of Figment at Epcot.

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MCL 11-17-2014 - Walt Disney's Trains

"All Aboard: A Celebration of Walt's Trains" explores Walt Disney's lifelong love of railroading. It's the newest exhibition at the Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco. Tim Callaway interviews the museum's executive director Kirsten Komoroske and the exhibition's curator Michael Campbell. They talk about how trains influenced Walt's personal life, films and theme parks and how he shared his passion with Disney animators Ward Kimball and Ollie Johnston.

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MCL 09-03-2014 - Running Disney with Sean Astin, Jeff Galloway, Jennifer Berry and Terri Hardin Jackson

The Disneyland Half Marathon was held this past weekend and is one of many events hosted year round by runDisney at Disneyland and Walt Disney World. In "The Mouse Castle Lounge," Tim Callaway talks with race participants Sean Astin, Jeff Galloway, Terri Hardin Jackson and the winner of the women's division half marathon, Jennifer Berry.

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MCL 08-10-2014 - Marceline Historian Kaye Malins

Walt Disney once said of his boyhood home in Missouri, "More things of importance happened to me in Marceline than have happened since--or are likely to in the future." In the Lounge today is Marceline historian and director of the Walt Disney Hometown Museum, Kaye Malins. Kaye talks about Walt's childhood in this midwest farm town and why every Disney fan needs to pay a visit to Marceline.

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MCL 08-03-2014 - Mouseketeer Bobby Burgess

Bobby Burgess has spent over sixty years in show business, getting his big start in 1955 as an original Mouseketeer in "The Mickey Mouse Club." In 1961, he would begin a 21-year run as a dancer on "The Lawrence Welk Show." Bobby's new book, "Ears & Bubbles" recounts his many years in entertainment. In "The Mouse Castle Lounge" today, Bobby talks about his book and shares special memories of working with Walt Disney, Annette Funicello and Lawrence Welk.

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MCL 07-28-2014 - Disney Imagineer Alan Coats Part Two

Disney Imagineer Alan Coats is back in "The Mouse Castle Lounge" for part two of his conversation with Tim Callaway. Alan talks more about his father, artist, Imagineer and Disney Legend Claude Coats. Alan also takes you deeper into his career at Disney, where he did lighting design for most of the opening day attractions at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom. He went on to partner with is father in designing the Eastern Airlines attraction,"If You Had Wings."

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MCL 07-21-2014 - Disney Imagineer Alan Coats Part One

The Mouse Castle Lounge is back! Tim Callaway interviews retired Disney Imagineer Alan Coats. Alan is the son of artist, Imagineer and Disney Legend Claude Coats. Alan enjoyed a long career at Disney, working among some of the biggest names at the studio and in the theme parks including Walt Disney, Roy Disney, Annette Funicello, Marty Sklar and Yale Gracey. Alan manages a website dedicated to his father's memorable career,

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MCL 05-12-2014 - 'Maleficent' Executive Producer Don Hahn

Don Hahn has produced so many great films at Disney: "Who Framed Roger Rabbit," "Beauty and the Beast," "The Lion King," "The Hunchback of Notre Dame," "The Emperor's New Groove," "Waking Sleeping Beauty" and many more. On May 30th, 2014, his latest project "Maleficent," starring Angelina Jolie, will hit U.S. theaters. Tim Callaway talks with Don about the film and his 35 year career in motion pictures.

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MCL 04-28-2014 - Disney Animator Andreas Deja

Andreas Deja was an animator at Walt Disney Animation for 30 years and a bona fide master of villains. His rogues gallery of characters include Gaston in "Beauty and the Beast," Jafar in "Aladdin" and "Scar" in "The Lion King." His versatility as an artist is further represented by his work on "The Black Cauldron," "Oliver and Company," "Who Framed Roger Rabbit," "The Little Mermaid," "Lilo and Stitch," and "The Princess and the Frog." Tim Callaway talks with Andreas in this very special episode of "The Mouse Castle Lounge."

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MCL 04-22-2014 - Michael Labrie Talks Marc Davis at the Walt Disney Family Museum

Walt Disney called artist and Imagineer Marc Davis his "Renaissance Man." Beginning April 30th, the Walt Disney Family Museum will showcase art from the man who animated Tinker Bell, Maleficent and Cruella de Vil in the exhibition "Leading Ladies and Femme Fatales: The Art of Marc Davis." Tim Callaway interviews the curator of exhibition, director of collections and exhibitions at the Museum, Michael Labrie.

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MCL 04-14-2014 - Animation Historian and Author John Canemaker


John Canemaker's name is synonymous with animation. This Oscar-winning animator, historian and author has taught animation at New York University for over 30 years. He's written more than ten books, including "Walt Disney's Nine Old Men and the Art of Animation," "Before the Animation Begins: The Art and Lives of Disney Inspirational Sketch Artists," and "Treasures of Disney Animation Art." He is curator of the current exhibition at the Walt Disney Family Museum, "Magic, Color, Flair: The World of Mary Blair." In The Mouse Castle Lounge, Tim Callaway talks with John about his accomplished career in animation, the artists that have inspired him, and what lies in store for the future of the industry.

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MCL 03-31-2014 - Disney Animator Ruben Aquino, Part Two

Disney animator Ruben Aquino is back for part two of his interview with Tim Callaway in "The Mouse Castle Lounge." Ruben discusses how a voice actor can inspire an animator, and the layoffs at Walt Disney Animation last year that effectively shut down 2D animation at the studio. Ruben also shares his advice to young artists looking to make a career in animation.

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MCL 03-24-2014 - Disney Animator Ruben Aquino, Part One

Ruben Aquino was an animator at Disney for over 30 years, giving life to characters ranging from Ursula in "The Little Mermaid" to Adult Simba in "The Lion King" to Captain Shang in "Mulan." In part one of a two-part conversation, Tim Callaway talks with Ruben about his career and how he became an animator without really setting out to do so.

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MCL 03-18-2014 - The World of Mary Blair at the Walt Disney Family Museum

Mary Blair was an incredibly gifted and original artist whose work has influenced and inspired the Walt Disney Studios for decades. Classic Mary Blair designs and color schemes can be seen in animated films like "The Three Caballeros," "Cinderella," "Alice in Wonderland" and "Peter Pan." Her signature project, though, remains "it's a small world" a visually exciting celebration of childlike joy. The Walt Disney Family Museum is honoring Blair's great talent with their new exhibition "Magic, Color, Flair: The World of Mary Blair." In The Mouse Castle Lounge, Tim Callaway interviews the exhibition curator John Canemaker along with WDFM executive director Kirsten Komoroske and members of Mary Blair's family.

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MCL 03-10-2014 - Sean Astin Talks 'Lord of the Rings' and 'Vox Populi'

Tim interviews actor Sean Astin about his lengthy Hollywood career and his work in "The Lord of the Rings," "Rudy," and "The Goonies." Sean also talks about his voicework at Disney and other studios as well as his latest podcast project "Vox Populi." Also, be sure to listen for how you can win some "Goonies" artwork autographed by Sean and artist Jim Ferguson.

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MCL 02-28-2014 - Previewing the Oscars with Tim Callaway and Christi Andersen

It's Oscar week and Tim Callaway is joined by his good friend Christi Andersen as they preview the major nominees for this Sunday's Academy Awards. Who will be the big winners this weekend: "12 Years a Slave"? "Gravity"? "American Hustle"? Will Tim ever get over his disdain for "Frozen"? Get a horse and ride on over to the Mouse Castle Lounge and find out. Drinks are now being served.

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MCL 02-25-2014 - A Spoonful of Sherman with Robbie Sherman

In part two of Tim's interview with Robbie Sherman, the son of Disney songwriting legend Robert Sherman, they continue talking about Robert's memoir "Moose: Chapters From My Life," as well as Robbie's musical retrospective of Sherman Brothers music, "A Spoonful of Sherman." Tim also comments about the issues Robbie raised last week concerning his family and the Sherman Brothers documentary "The Boys."

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MCL 02-17-2014 - Robbie Sherman Talks About Robert Sherman and 'Moose'

Tim interviews Robbie Sherman, the son of the late songwriter and Disney Legend Robert Sherman. Robbie has just published his father's memoir "Moose: Chapters From My Life" and talks candidly about Robert's life, the Sherman Brothers, Robbie's take on the Sherman Brothers documentary "The Boys' and his own strained relationship with his family.

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MCL 02-10-2014 - Tom and Tony Bancroft Interview Part Two

Animators Tom and Tony Bancroft return for part two of their interview inside The Mouse Castle Lounge. They share what it's like to work in-studio with voice talents Eddie Murphy ("Mulan"), Patrick Warburton ("The Emperor's New Groove") and Gilbert Gottfried ("Aladdin"). Tony also talks about his latest book, "Directing for Animation: Everything You Didn't Learn in Art School."

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MCL 02-03-2014 - Tom and Tony Bancroft and the Annie Awards

Tim welcomes animators Tom and Tony Bancroft to the Lounge. These identical twins each worked for Disney during its second golden age on such films as "Beauty and the Beast," "Aladdin," "Pocahontas" and "Mulan." The brothers discuss what attracted them to animation, the people who influenced and inspired them and the state of 2D animation. Tim also recaps this past weekend's Annie Awards.

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MCL 01-26-2014 - More 'Saving Mr. Banks' and Disney History Made Difficult with Jim Korkis

Author Jim Korkis is back in "The Mouse Castle Lounge" to talk about the real stories behind "Saving Mr. Banks," why "Mary Poppins" is such a stand out film, where you can hear the original story meeting sessions with P.L. Travers, and why it's not always easy being a Disney historian.

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MCL 01-20-2014 - Jim Korkis, Mickey Mouse and the Tinker Bell Half-Marathon

Mickey Mouse is 85 years old, still going strong, and Disney historian/author Jim Korkis has written a biography about him, "The Book of Mouse: A Celebration of Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse." Tim Callaway chats with Korkis about the ubiquitous rodent and also spends time with Darrell Fry from RunDisney as they recap the events from this past weekend's Tinker Bell Half-Marathon.

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MCL 01-12-2014 - Didier, Meryl and Walt, Oh My!

Tim Callaway continues his conversation with Didier Ghez, author of "Disney's Grand Tour," an interesting look at Walt and Roy Disney's trip to Europe in 1935. Tim will also talk about the hubbub over Meryl Streep's insensitive and inaccurate comments about Walt Disney's attitudes towards women and minorities.

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MCL 01-06-2014 - 'Disney's Grand Tour' with Didier Ghez

"Disney's Grand Tour" is a detailed and fascinating book about Walt and Roy Disney's 1935 trip to Europe that would end up influencing their studio for decades. Author and historian Didier Ghez ("Walt's People") talks about his new book and the long, sometimes frustrating, but ultimately rewarding journey he took to make it happen.

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